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30 May 2017

AISP- Foodservice Success For Seafood

Written by Roy Palmer, Posted in Fish Net Blog

AISP Summit 4AISP’s inaugural Australian Seafood Summit was held at Foodservice Australia 2017 in the grand historical Royal Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne and based on comments and activities since can clearly go down as a successful event.

“When you get skilled, knowledgeable and passionate presenters and interviewers engaged and aligned with topical and relevant subjects then you are onto a winner”, said AISP’s Chairman, Roy Palmer.

The event was recorded and will be available in video form next week but as a taster we believe it is important to share the session ‘Aquaculture - Getting the Facts instead of Opinions’ where Dr. Mark Watson interviewed the panel consisting of Professor Giovanni Turchini, Dr. Yoni Sharon, Andrew Christie & Peter Rankin. The issues discussed are global issues and need to be exposed as an important part of the Aquaculture story. 

The link, put onto AISP’s favorite charity website, does require registration but does not need a password: melbourne-aquaculture-getting-the-facts-instead-of-opinions/ Please enjoy this and share this so the facts can be promoted widely.

AISP Summit demonstrationMany outcomes from the event are expected. One of the early prospects comes from the discussions from the panel on ‘Underutilized seafood and Making Profit for the Full Chain’. In conjunction with the panel on ‘Moving with the times and Benefitting’ the two groups (both facilitated by Hilary McNevin) will take up the challenge of finding some solutions on species, which are not on quota, and maximizing the resource for the community.

The audience was engaged all day and had great networking opportunities as well viewing the excellent foodservice exhibition during the refreshment breaks.

In the last session, we discussed the issue of pollution of the oceans and wastage with Annett Finger PhD, Boomerang Alliance/Tangaroa Blue Foundation and we acknowledged the massive problem that is being created by plastics and the fact that everyone one of us needs to make a commitment to improve our behavior. 

AISP Summit event photo people

Eight Million metric tons of plastic find their way into the oceans each year – we all need to be aware of this and redress our own activities – raise it with your colleagues and families and share your ideas.

AISP has established a Community of Practice (Plastic & Polystyrene Symposium Group where anyone can share ideas and information: symposium-group

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Roy Palmer

Roy Palmer

I entered the seafood industry in 1972 and since then I have traveled extensively gaining an understanding of global issues relevant to seafood.

Qualified trainer with seafood qualifications and consultant; I work for a number of organisations through my consultancy and write for a number of magazines, etc.

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